The TAO of Missy Cat
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When The Student Is Ready The Cat Will Appear

When The Student Is Ready

The Cat Will Appear

Animals have so much to teach us.

One thing crucial to our human experience, to our soul growth, is that we learn to love unconditionally and give of ourselves without seeking something in return.

Animals have a natural gift of being able to give unconditional love. They can love you and forgive almost anything. It’s when we return that love that they can decide to open up to us. And yes, I chose the word decide. Because animals actually have a level of conscious awareness that allows them to think and make decisions for themselves. They don’t let on to it unless there is a very deep trust. The more we treat them with the respect of a fellow being on a spiritual journey the more we help them grow. And the more we give them the opportunity to do this by giving our unconditional love the more we grow.

It is a symbiotic relationship.

Many animals (especially cats)  are given to us by the Universe for that very reason. They give us the opportunity to grow. And by selflessly returning that love we ourselves grow. To be sure not every animal falls into this category. There is a vast variety of animal consciousness that varies due to their individual intelligence, genetic makeup, and their life experience. Just like people. And it’s my experience that the wise ones often don’t let on just how aware they are. They sense that it’s easier and safer to play dumb. After all, their just living up to what’s commonly expected of them.

But there can be no doubt that certain animals come into our lives not by chance but by an act of the Universe so they can provide here on earth a glimpse of divine, selfless, unconditional love. So they can be an example of what we should strive to be. They are Teachers!

And when we give them back what they give us we are helping them to realize a greater sense of self than they would otherwise be able to achieve. This allows an unspoken communication to grow between the species at the soul level. It’s something that has to be experienced to be understood to be anything more than wishful thinking or emotional transference.

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