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The Feline Teacher

Universal Mind Power

We are taught from childhood that animals are a simpler, less evolved form of life.

We can do with them as we please because we are the superior, in fact the Most superior, form of life on Earth…if not the entire Universe.

We were wrong.

It’s not our fault. We are products of our upbringing, teaching, society, in that respect. Before I say how this relates to our relationship with animals I have to give you a quick science lesson so, please indulge me if you already know this. Today, Consciousness is barely understood by the most learned of scientists. And I place scientists into 2 major categories. The most common is the Materialist who operates from the point of view that all matter accidentally happened at the big bang, then it accidentally formed coherent patterns through trial and error (of sorts), and mankind is a product of those lucky breaks.

The other type of scientists belongs to an ever increasing group,. The Post Materialists, who believes, or at least is open to the possibility, that matter is a byproduct of consciousness. That is to say consciousness is the ultimate underlying reality.

It is already greatly accepted that there is actually no such thing as matter. What seems to me matter, from the ground you walk on, to the metal in the car you drive, to the air you breathe, is at the most microscopic or quantum level, merely converging patterns of energy. And some of us go so far as to say that energy is ultimately formed and controlled by mind. Not like your consciousness you experience from day to day, but the Universal Mind.

Dr. Carl Jung is one scientist who predicted there is a universal unconscious mind which we all share.Consciousness, for lack of a better word, that is the maintaining glue that keeps all electrons, protons, quarks and what have you, doing the right thing. That’s why your cell phone doesn’t arbitrarily change into a banana.

Back to animals

Animals have a different consciousness than humans because they have a different physiological pattern. They don’t think and act more like humans because their bodies weren’t designed for it. A cat has to “cat” and a bird has to “bird”. But underneath it all they are sharing the same universal consciousness source that pervades everything. With me so far? Good.

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