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The Cat Who Explained

Life After Death

Missy Cat and I have a soul/spirit connection. And yes I say “have” not “had” even though she left this life over a year ago.

She made that absolutely clear to me in many ways during our 7 years together, but I would be getting off track to try and explain it all in this post. Now it’s time to tell you how Missy Cat recently explained Life After Death…the nature of our relationship in this time after her passing.

Dreams can be fun, or frightening. They can be instructive, and some say, even tell the future. I had a dream, with a message.

Let me say up front that I believe very strongly from my own experience that dreams are as unique as the individual and their meaning can only truly be understood by the dreamer. So, you’re kind of wasting your time buying a book of dreams symbols. Maybe at first, it’ll give you an idea of where to begin but ultimately, you’re the judge. Isn’t it you who decides what you choose to think or feel, how you react to anything that happens to you?

No 2 people will describe an event in the same way. Just think of the last time you saw a movie with a friend or a group. Everyone would have a different way to tell what you all saw. So when I tell you this dream. I will give you my interpretation.

This dream came to me so it was meant for me.

But I also feel strongly. It was meant for me to share with animal lovers.

The other night I had a long and interesting dream. And I had almost forgotten the most important part.  I hope this is encouraging to anyone who thinks they may have never had a dream visitation from a loved one or deceased pet. You might be having those visitations and be forgetting it like you do most of your other dreams. Like I said,

I almost forgot.

In the time since Missy’s passing I have been working on learning all I can about dreams, lucid dreaming, meditation, astral projection, and NDE’s (Near Death Experiences aka OBE’s).

I couldn’t help but notice that each time I had a dream with Missy Cat in it, we didn’t interact. She was just there.

I would wake up knowing that She was in my dream, like in the room for a few moments or something. I was frustrated and kept wondering why I don’t pick her up, talk to her, give her a kiss…something!

Then, I had a really vivid and bizarre dream that was so unusual and interesting in the second half that I nearly forgot the first half in which I saw my dear friend Missy Cat.

I woke up and started thinking about the bizarre dream ending. Then as I recalled the beginning of the dream It occurred to me…Oh my gosh,  Missy Cat was there!  And it hit me –

This this dream is a metaphor. A lesson about Life After Death!

So I’m sitting on my bed in my bedroom at night – In my dream. And I’m calling to Missy to come find me. When she was alive I would frequently give her a call to come find me if she hadn’t already climbed in bed before me. I always let her come and go as she pleased. We didn’t have a typical pet/owner relationship. She was more of a roommate.

In the dream Missy didn’t show up as I called. So I got up and went to the bedroom door. And sure enough, right there in the hallway on the other side of the door, was Missy Cat. Just sitting there.

I’m wondering to myself why she hadn’t come in, but OK, she’ll come when she feels like it. Then I turned around to go back to bed. And I see a big lump under the covers. I immediately realized, Missy had gotten in bed and under the covers, which she often liked to do.            That made me smile. And then the dream went on.

But that was the part that mattered.

Because it was a metaphor, a message in symbols.

When I was awake and thinking about it – it started making sense.  I’m calling her in my dreams just like I would in real life, and she is on the other side of the door.

The meaning:  She’s passed through the door from this life to the next life. She is on one side, and I am on the other.

Next, she was in the bed, but I couldn’t see her because she was hidden by the covers.

The meaning:  She is present…right there with me…but veiled from my sight.

Side Note: To help me recall dreams I keep a notebook near the bed and write them down, even if it’s just bits and pieces. This I have learned is a great way to let your subconscious know that you’re serious about remembering your dreams. If you do that, or keep a recorder nearby, you will find your dream recall power, increasing.

When I woke up from the dream. I was thinking about the crazy stuff that happened at the end. It took me a few minutes for the recollection of the beginning to pop into my head and that only happened because I was reviewing the dream in my mind to make notes.

Missy Cat showed me in my dream that she’s on the other side of “the door” now, but she’s right here with me. But I can’t see her.

She taught this about the afterlife… when a loved one has passed  they are with you.  We are so hard wired in this 3d physical experience with our physical senses, that we have tuned out the vast amount of information that comes to us through our intuition, our dreams. Through our heart.

But it’s not hopeless. We can learn to open up to these things. Meditation is a big key to getting in touch with your natural intuition.

By seeing in the bed where she used to always sleep and being under the covers, I knew she was there. But I couldn’t see her.

And finally, I knew that she would like me to share the message, with anyone else who might need to hear it. That’s the kind of sweet soul she is.

Is it possible for an animal to have that kind of message? That kind of purpose? I know it is.

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