The TAO of Missy Cat
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The Awakening

Can Different Species Help Each Other Spiritually?


Missy seemed like every other cat I’ve ever known. At least when I first met her.


Okay, not every other cat. Because, just like with people, there are no two identical personalities. What I mean is, she was very typically cat-like.


She did cat things. She acted like an animal without a big range of higher consciousness functions.


I remember trying to talk to her and watch to see her reaction. When we were first together, she would generally just stare off into space like most animals do.


I had read about how an animal’s consciousness and spirit can be leveled up, so to speak, by their contact with humans. It is in some Tibetan teachings. Not sure if it is because  they learn from us and mimic us…Or it could be some kind of pareidolia?


“Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus”.  * Katherine Armstrong, “Pareidolia: The science behind seeing faces in everyday objects.


You know, the same way you can look at that cloud and say it looks like a duck. But it’s really a cloud, and your mind is associating to something familiar.


So, I wondered as time went by, am I seeing what I want to see or am I seeing something real?


Source: Esergienko/Instagram


Missy was an amazing, gentle, and apparently, thoughtful and considerate being. When I would hand feed her treats. She would very delicately. Take one at a time from my hand.

I could tell she was consciously, trying not to hurt me. She knew she had sharp teeth, I guess.

Missy also never played rough like many cats I have known. She didn’t play bite. She didn’t kick or slap at you with her claws. She was always the gentlest being I have ever met. And that fascinated me.


I made up my mind to try to help her be as conscious and as self-aware as I could.


Over the years, I did things that you are not supposed to do according to the experts. Things like ~

I would look her right in the eye when I would talk to her.

Or, I would often tell her that she is special, unique. I would say “YOU are Missy Cat” and touch her on the nose. I would take her to a mirror and hold her and let her look at herself and point to me and then to her, etc.


One of my first clues that MissyCat is self-aware was because of the mirror.



Missy was one of those cats who wanted to be an only cat. She was definitely the queen of the house. Always totally loving and gentle.

But God forbid, another cat walked by outside the house. Missy had almost no voice, the tiniest Meow, you’ve ever heard, and she rarely used it. But when a strange “outside” cat walked by and she saw it, I got this low growing kind of almost moan. Very territorial!

She was not happy about it.

She would jump up from her window seat and run to another window to get a different angle. Then she would run back to the first window. Sort of prowling and keeping an eye on the Trespasser.


She would jump up from her window seat and run to another window to get a different angle. Then she would run back to the first window. Sort of prowling and keeping an eye on the Trespasser.


And that’s important because when she looked in the mirror and saw that other cat in the reflection, she never had that kind of reaction. She knew it was not a different cat.

She knew it was her!

More Sentience Every Day

I don’t know when it happened. But eventually, when I spoke to Missy she no longer stared off into space, she turned her head and looked at ME.  Right in the eye.

She knew I was talking to her. And she knew somehow that she existed as an individual. She was indeed self-aware!


You see MissyCat was the first animal in my 50 plus years of life that I treated as a friend and roommate rather than a pet, you know, a simpler minded creature that needed my control.

I never put a collar on her. Even though she had her official license tag, and the city said she was officially my pet. She was a friend.


I would talk to her about my day and hers. I would remind her of things coming up like “tomorrow is “nails day, you know” (The 1st of the month was always “nails day” to trim those claws). That kind of thing.


And I would often make a point to tell her that I love her soul and her sweet, gentle spirit…that she was my blessing.

Source: mrbeaugarcon • Instagram


And although I’m pretty sure she didn’t understand the words I was using, I came to realize there was a level of understanding. I’m sure it has to do with a combination of things. My body movements, my tone of voice along with the familiarity of the sounds of the words I would speak.


It took me a while to realize there was something deeper, A mental communication heart to heart. Spirit to spirit that doesn’t need words.

A fact she made absolutely and unmistakably clear on her last day of life. In fact, her last 24 hours were remarkable (see All Good Things).

 This wasn’t supposed to be possible…


When she came into my life MissyCat was an older cat. She was 12, years old, which is considered a senior in cat years.


We all know cats are generally considered to be stubborn and strong willed, and 12 years is plenty of time for her to be solidly set in her ways. By all practical considerations she shouldn’t have been interested in changing any of her habits and lifestyle.


But this cat changed everything about her lifestyle, and several times. This cat Loved To Scratch furniture. You know the type. I was warned to protect the furniture. Nobody had been able to get her to stop that behavior.

With me she became the cat that scratches nothing and even got to sit on the antique furniture and do anything she wants. Because she gained my complete trust.


She adapted to different litter boxes. She adapted to automatic feeders and different food bowls. She adapted to 5 different water bowls, 3 of which were completely different looking fountains.


And she did all this without me trying to train her, ever.


I just treated her like a friend. We spoke, we enjoyed each other’s company, and I told her conversationally what I did not want her to do. And she adapted by choosing. By understanding!


Amazing. She adapted of her own choice.

I’m sure she had never been treated with respect like that.

As an individual.


Because that’s just not how pets are treated. No matter how much we love and care for them. They’re still underlings who do as they’re commanded.


I witnessed that Missy came to realize she was respected and appreciated for being just who she is. Nothing was demanded or commanded. And she continued to adapt to my lifestyle out of choice.


And with her awakening came my awakening.

She was the best teacher I could ever ask for. Just by being who she is. Just by my letting her be herself. And not trying to make her conform to any of my notions of proper behavior.


MissyCat was able to teach me that there is so much more to consciousness, to spirit, and to soul than, we typically realize. Our hectic society and constantly distracted way of life has diverted our attention away from this especially important reality.


I am blessed that this sweet soul trusted me unconditionally – and loved me unconditionally. As I did her.


None of it was planned, were we just 2 beings in the right place at the right time? Perhaps we were destined to meet. We are both a crucial piece in the others spiritual evolution.



And now that her time in this physical world is over, nothing has changed.


For Missy and me our love didn’t die with the body because love is of the spirit. And as long as I am alive there will be someone praying for her well-being.


And when I am gone, I will be looking for her. We are a team. We were brought together by nothing less than the Universe itself.


For Missy and Me, our time together was truly…


The Awakening

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