The TAO of Missy Cat
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Message From A Friend

Signs and Visitations

Sometimes it’s hard to accept the fact that we are here in this world and our dearest friend is in another, yet still alive.

Every day I’m working toward experiencing new ways to have the relationship between souls who are on different sides of the veil. Last night, I got a clear message.

It was about for 4am,  I was lying in bed, unable to get back to sleep. Suddenly, I felt a familiar feeling.

Missy Cat was 11 pounds. Not a small cat. And when she jumped up on the bed. It was hard not to notice!

Last night I was laying there in the bed not thinking of anything in particular, when suddenly

I felt the unmistakable shake of the bed made by an 11 pound cat jumping up from the floor!

The bed shook right in the spot where Missy would always jump up.

I immediately recognized that The spirit of Missy Cat was visiting and wanted me to know she is still with me. I looked right at that spot and naturally nothing was there.  I softly said out loud  “Hi, Missy, Daddy loves you. Thank you for visiting me”.

You might expect that I would get really sad and feel the loss acutely at that moment, but I didn’t have that reaction. I just felt happy to know that my spirit girl is doing well and still loves me just like always.

Again I resolved to keep trying to better understand the connection between us which is obscured by my human senses of perception. The eternal bond of LOVE.

Learning Moment

This happened when I least expected it. I wasn’t asking for a sign or anything. I’ve heard it said that grief act as a barrier in communication to the spirit or astral realm. Perhaps, since I was in a more or less settled frame of mind. I was more open to experiencing the more subtle planes of existence.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I want to share this with you, like I share everything in this blog, to help those of us, struggling to make sense out of life. We’re all in this together.

If you have any similar experiences, I hope you will share them.

The more we know, and share together the more we will grow and learn.

I am confident. We are being gifted this opportunity by the Universe.

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