Because Animals In Our Lives Are Spiritual Gifts​​​​​

Since, losing my best friend, Missy Cat. I have read a lot of posts on forums and Facebook pages and realize that I am not the only one who has the feeling that their cat or pet was part of a shared spiritual journey.

While many have expressed their sadness that it is over. There are many others like me, who strongly feel the journey is not over.

Some are looking for their animal friends to return through reincarnation. I, on the other hand, feel there is a continuing journey and reincarnation would be asking something of my friend that I would not wish upon myself. Life ends here in the death of the body, but not the spirit. My friend is still consciously existing in a dimension that my human faculties don’t easily perceive. I strongly feel this is a vast and exciting frontier waiting to be discovered.

In the continuing journey of our bonded souls, one is in body and one not, but both are still very much connected in the infinitely wonderful universe! Knowing that, I seek to learn more, through prayer, meditation, study, animal communication, religion, mysticism, Theosophy, and countless other modalities. I seek the best, most positive outcome and growth, not just for my own immediate emotional fulfillment, but to benefit us both in this present moment of apparent separation and in the future when I too reside primarily in that spiritual realm. Thereby, being a benefit to all souls who are on the same journey.

Love never dies