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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2020

Message From A Friend

Message From A Friend Signs and Visitations Sometimes it’s hard to accept the fact that we are here in this world and our dearest friend is in another, yet still alive. Every day I’m working toward experiencing new ways to have the relationship between souls who are on different sides of the veil. Last night, […]

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Surviving The Loss Of Your Pet

If you have recently lost a pet. I don’t have to tell you how devastating it can be. You wonder if the pain will ever go away. Studies have shown that it takes longer to get over the loss of a pet than another human. There is a lot of advice on dealing with pet […]

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All Good Things

All Good Things… Missy and me had an amazing connection. She always knew what was needed. For instance, if I worked a long time at the computer and didn’t give myself a break I would often find a cat jumping up on my lap getting my attention. That’s when she was younger. And then, when […]

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When The Student Is Ready The Cat Will Appear

When The Student Is Ready The Cat Will Appear Animals have so much to teach us. One thing crucial to our human experience, to our soul growth, is that we learn to love unconditionally and give of ourselves without seeking something in return. Animals have a natural gift of being able to give unconditional love. […]

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