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The Mysterious Cat

Not Another Cat Blog

This one is decidedly different. Here you will find a spiritual perspective. Possibly the kind of thing you think to yourself but don’t talk about for fear that people will think you’re crazy.

If you’ve ever thought there is more to the relationship with your cat than just as a pet “owner”, you may have found your new favorite cat pages.

Here it’s about life and afterlife! The Before, During, and After.

Sure we’ll continue to grow and feature important nutritional news and information, product reviews, funny and heartwarming cat moments, helpful links and more…

Always from the POV of Love and the unity of all consciousness. And you don’t have to be into Taoism or any particular philosophy or religion. The experience of Unconditional Love comes to you when it comes, and in its own time.

I share with you the TAO, “the Way”, the awakening that came to me through my unexpected and most cherished blessing Missy Cat.